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Manage Your Admin Page Settings

Learn how to manage your Admin settings manage your Verkada Command organization

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The Verkada Command Admin page allows you to easily access everything you need to manage your Command organization.

Note: Only Org Admins see all settings under the Admin page.

Access the Admin page

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Admin .

  2. In the left navigation, select one of the following options.

Org Settings

From the Org Settings tab, you have access to manage these settings:


What You Can Do

Organization Details

View and manage the org and its key contacts.

Add or remove users.

Create and delete groups.

Add and edit key contacts.

Manage your org's alerts from the Manage Alerts tab.

View, claim, and purchase Command licenses.

Interact (programmatically) with the Command platform and Verkada devices.

Share a camera live stream using a browser or mobile app.

Enable customization of archiving and link sharing permissions for Site Admins and Site Viewers.

Privacy & Security

From the Privacy & Security tab, you have access to manage:


What You Can Do

View events and actions within your org.

View a checklist of actions your org can take to ensure Command is configured at the highest level of security.

Create and publish Disclosures for collections of sites, detailing how the Verkada system and products are used to protect and secure these sites in your org.

Enable, disable, or permanently remove select features from your org for compliance, security, and/or privacy purposes.

Share camera footage with Verkada to improve analytics features.

Share video, sensor, and alarm details with Verkada.

Reason for Sensitive Actions

Requires users of your org to provide context before performing actions, such as Person of Interest creation and feature removal.

Set the default location (by geographical region) where camera video and image data will be stored. This location does not apply to authentication and analytics features, which are processed in the US. The default location applies to all cameras, unless specifically configured otherwise. You can specify a different location in an individual camera's settings.

View and manage the SSO configuration for your org.

View and manage the SCIM configuration for your org.

Enable an org-wide 2FA policy for all Command and Verkada Pass users when logging in with email and password.

Session Timeout Duration

Set the amount of time a user's session can last before they are logged out. Changes take effect the next time a user logs in.

Automatically extend a user's session based on their Command activity. Changes take effect the next time a user logs in.

Force Log Out All Users

Log out all users in the org, including yourself on Command and Verkada Pass.


From the Support tab you have access to manage:


What You Can Do

See the 24/7 available methods to contact Verkada Support.

Temporarily allow Verkada Support to access your Command account and Verkada devices accessible by your account for troubleshooting purposes. You can revoke this access at any time.

Access Token (if Support Access is Enabled)

When Verkada Support begins to use your access token, we will notify the designated Support Access Communication Recipients in the Organization Details section of Admin. If there is no custom designation of recipients, we will notify all Org Admins in your org.

Support Cases

View details of open and closed support cases (chat only) for your org in the last 3 months.

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