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Contact Verkada Support

Learn how to contact Verkada Support or Sales for help and questions

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Your Verkada license includes enterprise support. Verkada Support is available 24/7 via live chat, phone, and email.

Contact Verkada Support or Sales Representative

Important. Before you contact Verkada Support, you need your Customer ID ready to share with your representative. Your Customer ID is "C", followed by 8 digits; for example: C-XXXX-XXXX.

To find your Customer ID:

  • In the Verkada Command mobile app, tap Help.

  • Log in to the Command web platform, click the Help (?) icon, and select Contact Us.

For more information, see

Via Help icon (Command web platform)

  1. Log in to Verkada Command.

  2. At the bottom left, click the Help (?) icon.

  3. Click Contact Us from the menu that appears. This is where you can find your Customer ID.

  4. Connect with:

Via Admin page (Command web platform)

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Admin.

  2. At the top, click Support.

  3. Connect with:

Via live chat (Command app)

  1. Open your Verkada Command app.

  2. At the bottom of the screen, tap the right arrow icon.

  3. Tap Help.

  4. Tap Online Chat.

  5. When the chat dialog box opens, tap Send us a message to begin a new chat or See previous to respond/reopen an existing chat.

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North America: +1 (650) 514-2500

Latin America: +52 55 9990 8275

Asia / Pacific: +61 (2725) 99300

Need more help? Contact Verkada Support

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