The Verkada Pass app allows users to unlock doors that are controlled by their access controllers through a mobile app. This app is supported on iOS and Android devices.

Giving Users Access to Verkada Pass App

There are two methods to give users the ability to use the Verkada Pass app.

Method 1 - While Adding Access Users

When initially adding an access user you will be given the option to Send Invite for the Pass app provided an email has been entered for their account on the Profile screen.

Method 2 - Editing the User's Profile

Once the user is added to your organization you will have access to their profile page. From here you can grant or take away mobile access.

  1. Select Access Users from the Access tab on the Home page

  2. Select the user's account

  3. Select the Profile button

  4. Under the Verkada Pass section enable Remote Unlock and Bluetooth Unlock as required. So long as at least one of these is enabled you will be able to select Send Invite to invite the user to the Verkada Pass app

In the App


If you are a part of multiple Command organizations, selecting your photo in the top right corner will allow you to switch between them

To switch between organizations, simply select the one you wish to access.

You can also log out from this page.

All Doors Tab

From this page, you will be able to see and unlock doors you have access to by selecting the lock icon beside the door. Doors will unlock as if you scanned your access card at that door.

Doors can be unlocked from anywhere unless the geofencing option is switched on.

Note: To show images on doors, you will need to take a screenshot from the camera's live view and update the image on the door thumbnail configuration. To learn how to configure a door follow this guide.

Nearby Doors Tab

From this page, you will be able to see and unlock the doors you have access to and are in the Bluetooth unlock range.


Trigger an emergency lockdown from the app.

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