Mobile unlock is an extremely convenient feature for users, allowing them to use the Verkada Pass mobile app to unlock doors. By default, users with Mobile Unlock privileges can unlock doors remotely from anywhere. Depending on your organizational needs, you can also prevent mobile unlocks with Geofencing.

Setting up GeoFencing

  1. Select the Admin tab from the left-hand menu (Requires Access Admin rights)

  2. Select the Access Control tab

  3. Toggle on Mobile GeoFencing

  4. Optional: The default unlock distance is set to 500m. You can set the geofence unlock distance to be between 0 and 10,000m

Note: The geofence distance is the difference between your phone's location and the address of the access controller of the door you are unlocking (based on the latitude and longitude of the address).

Once you have enabled mobile GeoFencing here are the steps that each user needs to take for it to work on the Verkada Pass mobile app.

If you're enabling GeoFencing after users have already logged in and started using the Verkada Pass app, you'll need to take these steps on the user's device to get GeoFencing enforcement working.

  1. Go to the doors page and pull down to refresh.

NOTE: It can take up to 1 minute for the geofence to go into full effect once enabled.

We recommend setting geofencing to 500m for optimal performance.

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