Doors are the configuration and components connected to an access controller cassette, including a lock, reader, DPI, and REX. This article will go through the various configuration options for doors in detail.


  • You must be logged in with an Access Admin account to configure a door.


  1. Navigate to the access controller you want to add a door for and click the + Add Door button on one of the ports.

  2. Once a door is added, you can select it to see additional settings.

Once the door is selected click on Settings from the right-hand menu.

Here you can:

  • Add cameras to the door

  • Add a thumbnail to the door (this will update the Verkada Pass app to show an image on the door)

  • Edit the name of the door

  • Edit the location of the door

  • Edit the access controller the door is configured on

  • View the site of the door

  • Click Installer Settings to configure additional door settings

Under Show advanced settings you will see the following options:

  • Unlock time - how long the door remains unlocked before re-locking. Default is 10 seconds (configurable 1 to 60 seconds. This affects both card scan unlocks and keypad pin unlocks).

  • DPI (Door Position Indicator) - If the door has a DPI installed it detects whether a door is open or closed.

i. Toggle on if the DPI is installed

ii. (Optional) toggle on the Notify if the door is held open and Notify after options for an alert to be sent if the door is held open for longer than the configured time

Note: If there is no DPI installed the door will show No door sensor in the upper left part of the screen.

  • REX (Request to Exit)

i. Toggle on if a REX is installed for this door

ii. Toggle Rex unlocks door to allow the REX to unlock the door

ii. Lock the door after determines how long the door remains unlocked after

the REX is triggered. Default is 3 seconds (configurable 1 or more seconds).

  • Notify if the door is forced open (DFO) - This will send a notification if the door is opened without triggering the REX or a valid badge unlock. Requires both REX and DPI to be turned on.

i. Shunt the DFO alarm for - Time from the last REX trigger to ignore DFO

events. Default is 10 seconds (configurable 1 or more seconds).

  • NFC Cards - Toggle on to enable the reader to scan NFC cards.

  • Remote Unlock (Verkada Pass) - Toggle on to allow eligible Verkada Pass users to unlock this door via the Verkada Pass app.

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