Configuring a Door

Procedure for configuring a door in access control

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Doors are the configuration and components connected to an access controller cassette, including a lock, reader, DPI, and REX. This article will go through the various configuration options for doors in detail.


  • You must be logged in with an Access Admin account to configure a door.


  1. Navigate to the access controller you want to add a door for and click the + Add button in the top right-hand corner

  2. Select Door and follow the setup prompts to configure the door

  3. Once a door is added, you can select it to see additional settings

Door Settings

Once the door is added click on Settings from the right-hand menu. The settings menu has four sections.


  • Door Name - Edit the name of the door

  • Location - Edit the location of the door

  • Timezone - View the timezone of the door

  • Pairing Cameras - Add cameras to the door

  • Verkada Pass Thumbnail - Add a thumbnail to the door (this will update the Verkada Pass app to show an image on the door)

  • (Optional)Toggle on is tailgating tracking if desired


  • Controller and Port - Select the door port this door is configured on

  • DPI - Toggle on if a DPI, door position indicator, is installed

    • Ignore DPI relock - Door will not relock when the DPI sends an opened signal

    • Monitor DHO - triggers an event when a door is held open

    • DHO Threshold - The time it takes to trigger an DHO event

  • REX - Toggle on if a REX, request to exit button, is installed

    • REX Unlocks Door - When REX is triggered, unlock the door

    • Duration of REX Unlock - How long to keep the door unlocked when REX unlocked it

Installer settings

  • Unlock time - how long the door remains unlocked before re-locking. The default is 10 seconds (configurable 1 to 60 seconds. This affects both card scan unlocks and keypad pin unlocks).

  • Monitor DFO - Toggle on if the door should alert if forced open

    • How long to delay DFO events after a valid door open. - Set how long the door should be held open before an alert is sent

  • NFC Card Unlock - Toggle on if NFC Card Unlock is desired

Verkada Pass

  • Remote Unlock - Toggle on to allow eligible Verkada Pass users to unlock this door via the Pass app

  • Bluetooth Unlock - Toggle on to allow eligible Verkada Pass users to unlock this door via Bluetooth

  • Unlock Proximity - Set unlock proximity

    • Immediate: phone needs to touch the reader

    • Near: The phone needs to be around 2 to 3 ft from the reader

    • Far: The phone needs to be around 7 to 8 ft from the reader

    • Custom: set your own RSSI value

  • Bluetooth Cooldown - Set the interval between Bluetooth door unlocks

  • Beep on Bluetooth Unlock - Eligible Verkada reader will beep when unlocked via Bluetooth

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