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Configure the AX11 IO Controller

Learn how to setup and configure the Verkada AX11 IO Controller

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You can use Verkada's AX11 IO Controller to integrate multiple, additional third-party sensors, switches, and peripherals, which can then be managed through Verkada Command in our intuitive centralized web-based interface.

With 16 inputs and 16 outputs, the AX11 IO controller is designed to add flexibility to existing access control systems. You have more options available to remotely lock or unlock doors, monitor entryways, and secure critical assets. Moreover, events generated by the AX11 can be cross-referenced with security camera footage and ingested by our alarms and professional monitoring offering to make any Verkada deployment even more integrated and scalable.

Install the AX11

Follow the steps in this guide for the hardware installation steps.

Add the AX11 IO controller to Command

  1. Add the device to Command.

  2. In Command, go to All Products > Devices .

  3. Select your AX11 device and click Set Up to configure.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. From the AX11's device page, click Add Entry and select the input type:

Configure your input type

Configure the door monitor

  1. Under Settings:

    1. Enter a unique name.

    2. Select the desired port for this input.

    3. Click Next.

  2. (Optional) Toggle on Notify if the door is held open to receive notifications door held open (DHO) notifications on this port.

  3. (Optional) Toggle on Event Bridge to have this input state mirrored on the same numbered output port.

  4. Click Done.

Configure the elevator

  1. On Name, enter a unique name and click Next.

  2. On Building/Floor, select the building where the elevator is located.

  3. On Hardware:

    1. Configure the number of readers and which output each floor is connected to.

    2. (Optional) Configure a nearby camera, if needed.

  4. On Settings, configure the desired unlock time and if Verkada Pass remote unlock or Bluetooth unlock is desired.

  5. Click Done.

Configure the AUX input

  1. Under Settings:

    1. Enter a unique name.

    2. Select the desired name, port, and connection type.

    3. Click Next.

  2. (Optional) On Hardware, configure the location and a nearby camera, if needed.

  3. Under Settings, select the desired Input Type.

    • Door Unlock can have a wired input trigger multiple doors to unlock.

    • Panic buttons can trigger a lockdown scenario for anaccess site.

      Required. You must have a lockdown scenario preconfigured before you can use the panic button input type.

    • AUX monitors allows you to log events when the input signal is high. For the AUX monitor input type, toggle on the desired settings.

      Note: You can go back and add a camera to this input to gain more context on this triggered event. If you already left this setup window, you can add the camera on the input's Settings page.

  4. Click Done.

Configure AUXoutput

Follow the instructions described in Configure an AUX Output on an Access Controller.

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