Verkada access controllers are capable of emergency lockdowns events to help protect you, your colleagues, and your assets. During a lockdown event, all selected doors and/or buildings will be locked down, and access will be restricted to these doors to only authorized user groups.


The user must be an Access Admin to create the lockdown scenario


Creating A Lockdown Scenario

To create a lockdown scenario follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Admin page
  • Go to the Settings sub-page if you are not there already
  • Under the Lockdown Scenarios section, click on + Create Lockdown Scenario
  • Follow the configuration window to configure the lockdown scenario

Here is a short video showing how to create a new lockdown scenario from scratch.

Initiating A Lockdown

Once a lockdown scenario has been created, users that have access to the scenario will have a new Lockdown button at the bottom of their navigation bar. In the event a lockdown is needed, follow the following steps.

  • Click the Lockdown button at the bottom of the navigation bar
  • Select the type of lockdown you wish to initiate
  • Select Activate to begin the lockdown

Releasing A Lockdown

To release a lockdown, this can be done by any user that has access to release the lockdown using the following steps.

  • Click Release Lockdown on the red banner at the top of the page
  • Click Confirm

Here is a short video showing how to initiate and release a lockdown.

Adding a Lockdown button using an AUX port

In addition to the options through Command seen above, you have the option to use auxiliary inputs to install physical buttons that can trigger lockdowns.

Buttons will need to be wired into the AUX cassette on your access controller (positive IN1 or IN2 and negative to GND). This is expected to be in a normally open (NO) circuit.

To add a lockdown button, you first want to navigate to your AC41's details page. At the bottom, there is an Auxilary devices section.

  • Click on + Add AUX to start the process to add an auxiliary device
  • Select Input Lockdown in the dropdown menu
  • Click Add
  • Set a descriptive name
  • Select the respective input the button is connected to on the AUX cassette
  • Select the lockdown scenario you want the button to trigger
  • No saving needed, this page autosaves

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