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Describes the privileges of a Site Access Admin
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If you are unable to see your access devices, ensure you are both a Site Access Admin for the site the device is in and either an Access Admin or Access Manager.

Adding a Site Access Admin

From the Admin page select Access

Then select the site that you would to add new administrators to by clicking the oval in the upper left-hand corner. Then, click Admins at the top of the page.

Here, you'll see a list of all current administrators for the site. Select + Add Admin to add an administrator to the site.

Find the user to promote, check the box to the left of their name, and select done to complete making them a Site Access Admin.

Note: A user must be an Access Admin or Access Manager before they can be added as a Site Access Admin. If the user you are looking for isn't in the list, check the below steps or this article to make them an Access Admin.

Site Access Admin

Site Access Admin privileges allow an Access Admin or Access Manager the ability to see and interact with devices in a specific access control site. This is similar to how a camera Site Admin is able to view and manage cameras in a site. The abilities the Site Access Admin has depends on whether they are an Access Admin or an Access Manager, the Access Admin being able to do more. If a user is an Organization Admin and has Access Admin/Manager privileges, they will be able to create access sites and view all existing access sites.

Abilities of a Site Access Admin who is an Access Manager

  • View live door events for doors within the site

  • View reports for doors in the assigned site

  • View door history and door schedules

  • View user history for doors in the assigned site

  • Change a door schedule to an existing schedule

  • Unlock a door from Command

Abilities of a Site Access Admin who is an Access Admin

Can do everything an Access Manager can do, as well as:

  • Add/remove Site Access Admins

  • Delete the site

  • Add/remove devices

  • Add/configure/remove doors within their assigned sites

  • Add/configure/remove access levels and exceptions

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