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Get Started with Verkada Command
Get Started with Verkada Command

Learn how to manage your devices with Verkada Command

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Verkada’s web software is called Command. Command is the platform used to interact with and monitor all of your Verkada devices.

Create a Command account

To create a Command account is a quick process:

Enter your name, email, region where your data is hosted for the account, and then click Next.

What you can do with your Verkada account

  • You can activate, configure, and add devices to your organization (org) and utilize the system.

An organization is the structure of users and devices within Command and one is created automatically when a new account is made.

  • You can add other people to your org, where they can receive an invite to join your org and set up their own accounts.

User roles define permission levels for each use account and are used to control the amount of access each org member has to change and view devices.

Log in to Command

You can log in to your Command account from your web browser or through the Verkada Command mobile app.

Learn more

We recommend that you read these guides for next steps:

Need more help? Contact Verkada Support

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