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Get Started with Verkada Command
Get Started with Verkada Command

Learn how to manage your devices with Verkada Command

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Create a Command account

Verkada’s web software is called Command. Command is the platform used to interact with and monitor all of your Verkada devices. See Create a Command Account for more information.

Organization settings

Org Admins will have access to the Admin page, where they can manage org-wide settings and configurations. These include managing users, accessing the audit log, licensing, and support access. See Manage Your Admin Page Settings for more information.

Add devices

Org Admins need to add devices to Command before you can access and manage them. Add devices from the Devices page or directly from the site for some product lines. See Add a Device to Your Command Account for more information.


Most Verkada devices managed in Command will need a license. Licenses are managed from the Manage Licenses page. Verkada licensing is applied for each Command organization, and the licenses co-term to a single expiration date. Your licenses may have been automatically added if you claimed your devices via order number. Otherwise, manually add the licenses from the Admin page. See Manage Your Licenses for more information on adding and managing licenses.

Add users

Your Verkada Command software license includes unlimited users. See Manage Users in Your Organization for more information.


Assign different permission levels to users in your organization based on your organization's security needs. Permissions can be assigned at the org level and the site level for each product line to give each user the exact amount of access they need. See Roles and Permissions for Command for more information.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO, using SAML 2.0, allows you to log in using a third-party authentication service, such as Okta, Azura AD, G Suite, etc. This method provides a single point of management for authentication across multiple applications, including Verkada Command. See SAML/SSO for more information.


SCIM allows you to sync users and groups from your IdP management software Verkada Command. This enables you to manage users and permission groups easily. See our SCIM/SSO section of the knowledge base for more information.

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