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Learn how to manage your licenses in Verkada Command

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To have access to Verkada Command, you must have valid Verkada licenses for all your Verkada products.

How Verkada licensing is applied

Verkada licensing is applied for each Command organization, and the licenses co-term to a single expiration date. This means that all of the licenses in an organization are combined, and the expiration date for the organization is the weighted average of all the individual licenses. Learn more about how to calculate a license expiration date.

Note: We currently do not support multiple expiration dates for a single Command organization.

View licenses and active products

Licenses and active products are available on the Command License Manager page.

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Admin.

  2. Under Org Settings, select Managed Licenses.

For each product type that requires a license, you see a count of the active products and claimed licenses. If you have less claimed licenses than active products for any of your product types, your license state is Invalid, which means you’ll need to claim your license key to continue using Command. Learn more about how to manage your licenses.

Note: If you uninstall or replace a product, for example due to a warranty replacement, you must remember to delete the product from Command. If you do not delete the product, it will continue to count against your active products. Please note that deleting a product also removes all data associated with the product (e.g., footage, camera settings), so do not delete the product before you’re absolutely certain that you will not re-add that specific device to Command.

View the license state and expiration date

At the top left of the Manage Licenses page, you can see the expiration date for your licenses and the current License state of your organization. All Verkada licenses co-term to a single expiration date, so you will only see a single expiration date even if you have bought and claimed multiple license keys.

View transaction log of all license actions

The transaction shows a log of all license actions taken in your organization, such as claiming a new license key, or unclaiming a key if it was claimed by mistake. If you have any questions regarding the transactions in your log, contact Verkada Support.

Move devices between Command orgs

Licenses do not automatically move with the device. If you need to move devices from one Command organization to another, you need to move the license keys separately. Contact [email protected] for support in moving device licenses between Command orgs.

License requirements by product family

Refer to this table for an overview of the license requirements of each product family:

Product Family

License requirement

Access Control

  • AC41 Door controller: One Door license per door

  • AC42 Door controller: One Door license per door

  • AC62 Door controller: One Door license per door

  • AX11 IO Controller: One Access IO controller license per device


One alarm license per location (physical address). Alarm licensing covers a limited number of devices and video verification events.

In addition, one license per device for the following:

  • BZ11 Horn speaker

  • Cellular backup module

Learn more about each alarm license each tier offered.


One camera license per camera

Cellular Gateway

  • One cellular gateway license per cellular gateway

  • Optional: One data plan license per connected camera or intercom. A multisensor camera needs four data licenses.

Multisensor cameras

One multisensor camera license per multisensor camera

Environmental sensors

One sensor license per environmental sensor

Intercom device

Desk station

  • One Intercom license per intercom device

  • One Desk Station license per iPad running Verkada Desk Station app

Viewing station

One viewing station license per viewing station


One Workplace license grants you access to use one Guest iPad and one Mailroom site.

Purchase Command licenses

You can purchase Command licenses in 1, 3, 5, or 10-year lengths. Verkada licenses are automatically activated on the day the order is shipped. To allow for shipping and installation time, all Verkada licenses for new devices include a 30-day extension in addition to the purchased license term. During this period, the license is valid and can be claimed as usual. The length of the extension does not depend the date the license key is activated or any device is installed.

Licenses are usually sold together with your Verkada devices, but you can also purchase them separately from your Verkada reseller or sales representative. See the latest licensing prices.

Renew your licenses

When your licenses are soon to expire, you need to renew your license to avoid losing access to Verkada Command. You can renew your license by contacting your Verkada Sales Representative or your Verkada Reseller.

Renewal notifications and license expiration

30 days before expiry, you will expect to:

  • Receive an email notifying you that your licenses are about to expire.

  • See a banner in Command.

Warning. If you haven’t renewed your license within 30 days after your expiration date, you’ll lose access to Command.


What happens if I have insufficient or expired licenses?

Verkada will send you an email notification and add a banner notification to your Command Organization.

You need valid licenses to use Command. If you don't claim your licenses when adding new devices or products, or renew your licenses when they expire, you will lose access to most of your Command functionality after a 30-day grace period.

At the end of this grace period, you will no longer have access to any of your devices or configure any settings. Alarms and Event notifications will also be disabled. You will, however, be able to delete devices and products so you get back into compliance in case you have insufficient licenses.

How will I know if my licenses are soon to expire?

30 days before your license is set to expire, Verkada will send you an email notification and add a banner notification to your Command Organization.

How do I regain full access to Command?

If your access to Command was limited due to insufficient licenses, you can:

  • Delete the products that are above your license cap to get back into compliance

  • Contact your Verkada Partner or Sales Representative to purchase additional licenses.

If your access to Command was limited due to expired licenses, you can contact your Verkada Partner or Sales Representative to renew your licenses.

For immediate access, contact Verkada Support to grant you temporary access while you make the purchase.

Will my devices still record data?

As long as your Verkada devices are still connected, they will continue to record data. This data will be available when you regain access to Command (as long as you're still within the retention period for the given device). Badges and Verkada Pass will still work as before, but you’ll be unable to change your settings via Command.

What happens if I don't return my expired trial devices?

Trialing a Verkada device is the best way to experience how our products and platform works. You can initiate a free trial for most of our devices through your Verkada Sales Rep, or your Verkada Partner.

The free trial lasts for 30 days. After the 30 days are up, you’ll see a banner in Command reminding you to return or purchase your trial devices. If you don’t return the devices within 30 days of the expiry date they will stop working as expected.

If you need additional time to test our trial devices and platform, you can ask your Verkada Sales Rep for an extension.

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