Alarm Licensing (2023)

Monitor your devices with Alarm licensing options

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Alarm licensing is imperative to an organization to monitor the number of devices that the organization has and the number of licenses a customer maintains.

The Verkada Alarms team is pleased to announce changes to how the products are licensed and to introduce the Alarm licensing tiers. These tiers allow you to select how many events the Verkada monitoring team can verify based on the tier.

What’s new with Verkada Alarm license tiers

Verkada offers three Alarm license tiers, each with different professional monitoring capabilities, where one Alarm license is required per physical site address.

All license tiers include complete access to the full Verkada Alarms platform:

  • Alarm triggers—Configure any Verkada device as alarm triggers.

  • Alarm responses—Police dispatch, talk down, automated deterrence devices, and or prerecorded messages.

  • System settings—Set arm/disarm schedules, assign or revoke user key codes, and more.






Number of verifications

Up to 100 events/month

(average 3 events per day)

Up to 1000 alarm events/month

(approx. 32 reviewable events/day)

More than 1000 alarm


(Over 32 reviewable events/day)

Number of cameras reviewed

Up to 50

Up to 50

More than 50

Alarm triggers, responses, and system settings included?





Alarm location license needed?





What's changing with licensing?

Starting on August 21, 2023, changes with licensing take effect as follows:

  • Monthly billing options are available with annual options added.

  • Customers who have already bought licenses for the alarm products below have their co-term date pushed ahead inline with the amount of time they have left in their contract term.

Alarm Product

License Required?



Alarm consoles (BC51/BC82)

Alarm Sensors


Alarm location


BZ11 Horn speaker


Cellular modules


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