Extended Cloud Backup Licensing

Learn how to apply extended cloud backup licensing

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Included with your Verkada camera license is 30 days of continuous cloud backup. If you prefer more than 30 days of cloud backup, you can purchase per-camera licenses for extended cloud backup. Extended cloud backup licenses are offered as a 1-year license (renewed annually) and are available in 60, 90, 120, 180, and 365 day retention periods. Contact your Sales Rep or email [email protected] to get information on pricing.

After you purchase an extended cloud backup license

Recommendation. When you add an extended license, it doesn't automatically enable cloud backup for the camera. We recommend that you enable cloud backup once the license has been added. Once this license is applied, all new footage backed up to the cloud is saved for the extended backup time.

  1. Contact Verkada Support with your Verkada order number and/or license key and the serial numbers of each camera that requires extended cloud backup.

  2. When your Support rep has applied the licensing, the camera settings page will reflect the new extended cloud backup retention period and the onboard retention period, as shown in the example below:

Note: The CH52 will need 4 extended cloud backup licenses, one for each sensor, if you want to extend cloud storage for the footage on the entire camera.

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