Every Verkada camera comes with a free 30 days worth of cloud backup storage. This feature is enabled on a per camera basis. If a backup has been configured and a camera goes offline you will be able to view all footage that has been successfully uploaded to the cloud prior to the outage. The camera will continue to record locally even if offline. Once the connection to the cloud is re-established, the footage will again be backed up to the cloud.

Once enabled, Cloud Backup will upload footage during your set schedule, from that moment forward. It will not retroactively upload footage prior to enabling the feature.

Note: If more than 30 days' worth of cloud retention is desired, please reach out to your sales representative or email [email protected].

We recommended that the best practice for using cloud backup is to use schedules and using motion only.

Enabling Cloud Backup

First, check the Cameras tab under the Admin page and ensure the Globally Disable Cloud Backup toggle is set to off.

Enabling Cloud Backup can be done through the camera Settings page, camera Settings can be found through either of the two methods shown below:

  • Select a camera that you want to configure and then navigate to the Info page, scroll to the bottom and you will see Settings... on the bottom left-hand side

  • Navigate to the Cameras page on Command, when you hover over any camera in the list, you will see ⋮ (three dots icon) appear on the right-hand side, select and you will see Settings appear in the list

From here you are now able to select Cloud Backup in the side panel of the camera settings and then toggle Upload video to the cloud.

Scheduling which footage to Cloud Backup

With Cloud Backup you can specify which footage that you would like uploaded.

Here is the list of features available for selecting which footage to upload:

  • All video / only video with motion

  • Upload in SD / HD

  • Schedule which footage to upload

We recommend uploading the only video in motion with HD quality for the best balance of bandwidth usage and functionality.

Scheduling when to upload footage

In addition to scheduling what footage to upload you can schedule when you would like to upload this footage.

Cloud backup is an extremely bandwidth-intensive feature so this scheduling is provided to allow you to avoid periods of high production hours.

We recommend using scheduling to upload footage outside of business hours to decrease bandwidth impact.

Extended cloud backup

If more than 30 days of cloud backup is desired, you can purchase per camera licenses for extended cloud backup. Talk to your sales rep or email [email protected] to get information on pricing for the different lengths of extended cloud backup.

Once this license is applied, all new footage backed up to the cloud will be saved for the extended backup time. Adding the extended license doesn't automatically enable cloud backup for the cameras, so be sure to enable cloud backup once the license has been added.

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