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Learn about the onboard storage equipped with a Verkada camera

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Verkada's standard camera option includes enough on-camera storage capacity for 30 days of continuously recorded video. For longer retention needs, Verkada offers cameras with enough capacity for 60, 90, 120, and 365 days of recorded video catering to even the most stringent retention requirements.

Included with the camera license cost is the ability to make use of 30 days of free cloud backup (with the exception of the CD31 | CD31-E, which is limited to 15 days). If you need a longer period of cloud retention, extended cloud backup retention is available on a per-camera basis for an additional license fee.

Common FAQs

How are the backups scheduled?

To minimize the impact on your network, these backups can be scheduled to occur during off-business hours; for example, between the hours of 12:00 am and 4:00 am). You can also choose to back up video continuously or only when motion is detected.

What happens when storage runs out?

When on-camera storage capacity is reached, the Verkada camera will progressively delete the oldest footage and make room for new footage to be recorded and saved in the resulting available storage space.

Is my video footage stored in the cloud?

By default, recorded video footage is not stored in the cloud. However, if you enable cloud backup, your video is backed up to the cloud for 30 days (longer with an extended cloud backup license). Learn more about extended cloud backup.

Thumbnails and metadata that Verkada cameras upload to the cloud are maintained for as long as each camera's onboard retention. License plate characters are kept in the cloud for 12 months. Archived video clips are stored in the cloud for the lifetime of your Verkada account. Learn more about how to set a default or camera-specific location for image and video data.

What frame rate and resolution do my cameras record at?

Video is captured at 24 frames per second. Verkada cameras record in a range of resolutions. See Camera Video Resolution for details about the range of resolution by camera model.

Note: CM61 records at 20 frames per second.

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If you'd like more information, we can provide guidance on a solution tailored to your particular environment and retention needs. Contact your Verkada Sales rep or email [email protected].

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