Camera stats can be used to check the following information over a period of time:

  • The volume of motion activity in the frame

  • Camera connectivity

  • Bandwidth consumption

Check camera stats by click on any camera and then the Stats icon. The default timeline is the last hour, however, it can be set to 6 hours, 24 hours, week, and month to see stats over a longer period of time.

Motion activity

The Motion timeline shows the volume of motion detected in the frame over a period of time. You can move your cursor over the timeline and see the thumbnail associated with the motion. Click any thumbnail to play footage related to the motion event.

Camera connectivity

The online timeline shows the camera's connectivity to the cloud over a period of time. Green bars indicate the camera was connected while red indicates the camera was disconnected. Place your cursor over the timeline to see the date, time, and reason for the camera status.

online connectivity bar

Bandwidth Consumption

Traffic Out and Traffic In show the bandwidth consumption over a period of time. 

traffic in and traffic out

Traffic Out indicates the camera upload bit rate. The following data contributes to the upload bit rate; thumbnails, metadata, streams, archives, and cloud backups.

Traffic In indicates the camera download bitrate. The following data contributes to the download bitrate; firmware downloads, configs, and commands sent from the cloud i.e. reboot request.

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