Camera Stats

Learn how to check motion, online status, and bandwidth consumption

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You can use camera stats to check trends of these features over a period of time:

Monitor camera stats

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Cameras.

  2. Select a camera to view its live camera stream and to check camera stats.

  3. Under the live feed, go to the Stats icon. The default timeline is 24 hours, but you can change to a week or month to see stats over a longer period of time.

Motion activity

The Motion timeline shows the volume of motion detected in the frame over a period of time. You can move your cursor over the timeline and see the stats associated with the motion.

Camera connectivity

Online timeline

The online timeline shows the camera's connectivity to the Verkada cloud over a period of time. Blue bars indicate the camera was connected to the Verkada servers while red indicates the camera lost connectivity to the cloud.

Place your cursor over the timeline to see the date, time, and outage duration.

Uptime timeline

The uptime timeline shows the period of time a camera was powered on and recording. Under most circumstances, both charts will be the same; however, if a network interruption is occurring, the uptime remains blue.

Note: Significant differences between the uptime and online timelines may indicate a local network issue.

Bandwidth consumption

Traffic Out and Traffic In show the upload and download bandwidth consumption over a period of time. 

traffic in and traffic out

Traffic Out

Traffic Out indicates the camera upload bitrate. Thumbnails, metadata, streams, archives, and cloud backups contribute to the upload bitrate.

Traffic In

Traffic In indicates the camera download bitrate. Firmware downloads, configuration changes, and cloud-sent commands (such as a reboot request) contribute to the download bitrate.

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