Whenever you add new devices to Command, you must also claim your license key for those devices to continue using Command.

The license key can be found in your Verkada order email for the devices you ordered. If you can’t find your license key, see our instructions for finding them here.

The license key is claimed on the License Manager page.

Once you click Claim license, you’ll see the Claim License dialog window.

Next, select how you would like to claim your license key. You have two options:

  • As an increase to licensed units: This increases your license cap, and allows you to manage more devices. Choose this option if you have added new devices to Command and need to increase your license cap. Since the licenses co-term, the renewal date will also change.

  • As a renewal: This moves your renewal date only, and does not change any license caps. Choose this option if you have renewed your licenses early, and want Command to automatically apply the new license key once the old key expires.

Since you have added new devices and want to increase your licenses, select As an increase to Licensed units. Once you make your selection, you’ll see your new device cap and expiry date below.

As a last step, click Claim in the bottom right corner to complete claiming your license.

What happens if I don’t claim my license?

If you don’t claim your license after adding new devices to Command, you’ll get an email reminder to add your licenses provided you didn’t already have sufficient licenses to cover the newly added devices. You’ll also see a banner in Command reminding you to add your licenses. If you don’t claim your license within 30 days of adding new devices to Command, you’ll lose access to Command.

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