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Get Started with Verkada Guest
Get Started with Verkada Guest

Learn how to set up Verkada Guest to securely manage guest access

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Verkada Guest enables your organization to quickly and securely manage guest access to your building and key areas. Guest leverages camera feeds and door events to track guests and hosts across your organization.

Required. You need Org Admin and/or Site Admin permissions for your Verkada Command organization to complete these actions.

What you need

  • iPad on iOS 14 or higher

  • Badge printer (we recommend Brother QL-820NWB or Brother QL-1110NWB, but any AirPrint-enabled badge printer works)

  • iPad stand (optional, but recommended for best Guest experience)

Create a site

Sites are the logical way of grouping and managing devices within your Command organization. Site-level permissions make managing and viewing your devices easier. See Guest Sites for more information on site creation and management.

Configure settings

You can edit Guest settings at the organization level or site level. You can create Guest types, add cameras and doors to your sites, manage multiple languages, etc, to make your guest check-in experience easier. See Guest Settings for more information.

Add and connect Guest devices

Guest tablet

Guest tablets are used to check in guests to your organization. You can add a tablet from the Guest site settings page. See Set up a Guest Tablet for more information.

Badge printer

Badge printers are used to print badges for your guests to wear while they are on your premises. You can add a badge printer from the Guest site settings page. See Add a Printer to Verkada Guest for more information.


Every Guest tablet you manage in Command will need a license. Verkada licensing is applied for each Command organization, and the licenses co-term to a single expiration date. For more information on adding and managing licenses, see Manage Your Licenses.

Check network settings

Verkada Guest is designed to be plug-and-play. However, if your environment includes a firewall, you may need to make some configuration changes to get your Guest devices online. See Guest Network Settings for more information.

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Need more help? Contact Verkada Support.

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