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Add a User to the Verkada Access System
Add a User to the Verkada Access System

Learn how to add access users to the Verkada access system

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If you are assigned Admin access, you can be assigned to access groups with access levels for unlocking doors and administrative privileges to the access system. For example, you can have multiple access methods to unlock doors, such as cards, pin codes, or the Verkada Pass app.

Required. You must be an Org Admin with Access Site Admin or Access Control Manager privileges to create access users. Learn more about Roles and Permissions for Access Control.

Create a user profile

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Access.

  2. In the left panel, click Access Users and Groups.

  3. At the top right, click Manage and select Add User.

  4. On Add User, enter the new user's Profile, Credentials, and Groups.

  5. Click Next.

Recommendation: We recommend that you add a user's email address if one is available. An email address is required if a user is authorized to use the Verkada Pass app to unlock doors. You can leave the email address field for access users who do not have company email addresses (outside vendors/contractors, and so on).

Define access credentials

  1. On the Add User > Credentials dialog, you can define access for the user:

    1. Entry Code—A pin code that you can enter into keypad readers (found under Profile after the account is created).

    2. Badges—Select the card type and enter the required information (Facility code & Card Number).

    3. Verkada Pass—Send an invite to download the Verkada Pass app (email required).

  2. Click Next.

Select groups to access

  1. On Add User > Groups:

    1. Select the groups you want the user to access, including inherit access levels and lockdown permissions.

    2. (Optional) You can also filter the groups.

  2. Click Done when you've completed your selection.

Modify access users via CSV import

Verkada Command supports adding/modifying access users in bulk through a comma-separated value (CSV) file upload. For details, see Import Access Control Users - CSV.

Automate access via SCIM integration

You can also to automate access user provisioning and access group assignments through System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM). For details, see SCIM for Access Groups.

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