If you're looking to use SCIM to add users to access groups, this guide should assist you. As a prerequisite, you'll need to create users and assign users to groups in your SCIM provider. How you do so will differ based on your provider - both Okta and Azure AD are supported. The steps in this article will only work once your SCIM users and groups have been provisioned to Verkada Command.


  1. Go to Admin > Access Control > Access Groups

  2. Select the Manage button in the top right

  3. Select Create SCIM Group

  4. Choose the SCIM group you wish to select

    1. This will automatically create a new access group with the name of your SCIM group.

  5. Select Done

Your SCIM group has now become an access group. Now, you can assign this group access levels to give users in this group access to doors.

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