To assist in troubleshooting, Support may request to access your Command account. To grant access and give your permission you will need to:

  1. Select the Admin tab

  2. Select the Support tab

  3. Toggle Enable Support Access to on

When you toggle on Support access you will see the following options:

Enable Support Access
Organization Administrators and Site Administrators can allow Verkada’s Support team to access their account by toggling the control. When enabled, additional controls will appear.

Set a time window for access
When access is enabled, by default it will be limited to 6 hours and will auto-expire. Administrators will have the option to extend the access to up to 30 days.

Provide an access token
The administrator can then provide the unique token to Verkada’s Support team to enable access. This token is unique to this account and troubleshooting request and is required for the Verkada Support agent to take any next steps.

Control video, audio, and image access
By default, Verkada Support will not have access to footage, thumbnails, archives, or audio. This means that Verkada Support will not be able to view images, video, or audio unless the customer explicitly grants this permission.

Revoke Support Access
After granting Verkada Support access to your system, you still have the ability to revoke Verkada Support’s access at any time by simply toggling off the permission switch.

Access can be revoked at any time by toggling off "Enable Support Access"

Support access will be logged in your organization audit logs, and actions taken on a device will be logged in the device's audit logs.

Note: The access token grants the same permissions as the account that generated it, meaning support will have access to the same devices and settings that the active user has. If Enable Video and Image Access is toggled on, Support will be able to see video and image data.

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