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Some features can be managed to comply with the security and compliance needs of your organization

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Many users have compliance requirements or internal policies that govern their use of sensitive features, such as audio recording and facial recognition. These customers require assurance that these features are not being utilized—intentionally or unintentionally—within their organizations (orgs).

With Feature Manager, Organization Admins can enable, disable, or permanently remove these features at the org level:

  1. In Command, navigate to the All Products menu and select Admin.

  2. On the Admin page, select the Privacy & Security tab.

  3. Next to Feature Manager, select the > symbol to expand the menu of options.

Enable a feature

When you enable a feature, it allows it to be used on devices in your organization. By default, all features are enabled and can be turned on by an Organization or Site Admin.

Disable a feature

When you disable a feature, it hides the ability for it to be enabled for any device in the organization. In turn, this prevents, for example, a Site Admin from inadvertently enabling capabilities that go against internal company guidelines.

This feature cannot be turned on for devices in your org, but is still displayed under the settings pages for your devices.

If necessary, any Organization Admin can undo this action by going to the Feature Manager and re-enabling the feature for the organization.

Remove a feature

These features are removed from your org and are not visible under the settings pages for your devices. The ability to completely remove a feature provides extra peace of mind that the feature is not being used within the organization. When you remove a feature, it cannot be managed or reinstated within Command.

Reinstate a removed feature

Note: To have a removed feature added back (reinstated) to your account, you must contact Verkada Support. Because feature removal is less easily reversible, it requires the consent of one other Organization Admin.

Compliance report

Feature Manager also includes a Compliance Report PDF view that provides a succinct summary of all feature settings at both the org and device level, including information on when the feature status was last modified and by whom. This report is designed to be a resource that orgs can use for compliance and audit processes.

Example Compliance Report

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