Verkada’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) solution provides organizations with intelligent software for real-time license plate monitoring and streamlining vehicle investigations.

Powered by Verkada’s industry-leading edge-based processing and computer vision technology, specially placed cameras are designed to capture license plate images and provide users with a readable, searchable list of license plate numbers. These license plate captures are linked to live or recorded video for complete context around vehicle events. Utilizing Verkada’s hybrid cloud approach, using LPR has minimal impact on bandwidth (<100 kbps), and all video, images, and license plate data are encrypted at rest and in transit.

To use LPR, no additional software or hardware is needed. This guide will take you through the requirements and steps to ensure LPR delivers the best results.

To learn how to configure LPR for your cameras follow this guide.

Note: After enabling LPR mode on a camera and configuring it, it will take up to 5 minutes for results to populate.

Solution Overview

Verkada’s LPR solution utilizes a dual-camera system powered by Verkada’s Bullet Series. In this system, users have a dedicated camera for detecting close-up views of license plates (LPR camera) while an additional camera records the entire vehicle and additional context (context camera).

LPR Camera

Verkada Telephoto Bullet Camera

CB51-TE (5MP) or CB61-TE (4K)

Context Camera

Verkada Wide Angle Bullet Camera

CB51-E (5MP) or CB61-E (4K)

The LPR camera (Telephoto Bullet) is put into a special mode so that it’s optimized for accurate license plate capture. When mounted correctly, license plates are detected with an accuracy of over 95%.

Can I use my LPR camera for broader video security?

The LPR camera is optimized to capture license plates and not for broader surveillance purposes. When designated as an LPR camera, these cameras switch to an IR-only mode with lower exposure and frame rate to ensure accurate license plate detection even under challenging lighting conditions. Verkada’s People & Vehicle Analytics capabilities are also disabled in LPR mode. The Context Camera should be used for broader security applications.

Common Use Cases

Verkada’s LPR solution is designed for detecting license plates in a single lane where vehicles are traveling at less than 20 MPH.

Parking Garages

Monitor traffic in and out of parking garages and integrate with 3rd party applications through the Verkada Webhooks API.

Parking Lots

Quickly investigate vehicles of interest by searching for all historical appearances of a reported license plate.

Gatehouse/Entry Station

Monitor vehicle traffic to provide easy access to residents, members, or authorized vehicles while keeping entryways safe and secure.

Drive Throughs

Capture a record of all license plates for vehicle count analytics and business intelligence applications.

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