Vehicle Analytics uses powerful edge-based capabilities to detect vehicles and filter results based on vehicle color and body type.

How it Works

Vehicle Analytics leverages cameras' powerful onboard processing capabilities to detect the presence of, and analyze the properties of, vehicles as they appear in frame. As vehicles are detected, high-resolution images are taken and analyzed for vehicle objects. Selected images are then sent to Verkada’s cloud-based Command platform, where users can filter historical clips for vehicles and search for specific vehicles by time, date, body type, and color.

Vehicle Detection

When scrubbing through a camera's historical video clips, yellow bounding boxes will appear over all detected vehicles.

Motion Search with Vehicle Filter

To perform a Motion Search, select a region of interest on the camera's live feed. Then, to enable Vehicle Filter, select Vehicles next to Filter. Command will show you historical clips where motion occurred in the region of interest and at least one vehicle was detected in frame.

Enable Vehicle Analytics

All Verkada cameras perform vehicle detection (as outlined above) out of the box. However, to enable more complex analytics, such as the ability to search for vehicles by color and body type, Vehicle Analytics must be turned on.

  1. Select a camera 

  2. Click Info button

  3. Click Settings

  4. Choose the Analytics menu option

  5. Toggle the Enable Vehicle History slider 

Using Vehicle Analytics

Vehicle Analytics can be seen on individual cameras, as well as across all cameras in the Organization.

Vehicle Analytics for an Individual Camera

  1. Select a camera

  2. Go to Vehicles (You will not see this button if Vehicle Analytics is not enabled) 

  3. (Optional) Choose a date and time range

  4. (Optional) Once results appear, select the filter icon to further filter results by color, and body type

Vehicle Analytics Across All Cameras

  1. Click on the Search tab on the left side, you can also use Ctrl+K to open the search menu

  2. Click the arrow on the right side of where all the vehicle images are displayed

  3. All detected vehicles across all cameras will be displayed

  4. Use Select Cameras or Sites to filter the results shown by specific sites and cameras

  5. Configure the Date Range to only show vehicle results from a particular range of dates

  6. Select the filter icon to further refine your search by vehicle color and body type

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