Vehicle Analytics uses powerful edge-based capabilities to detect vehicles and filter results based on vehicle make, color, and body type.

How it works

Vehicle Analytics uses the powerful onboard processing capabilities of the Dome Series cameras (and any CM61 or D40 Minis that see outdoor scenes) to analyze vehicles as they appear in frame. As vehicles are detected, high-resolution images are cropped and initial analysis is conducted. Selected images are then sent to Verkada’s cloud-based Command platform, where users can create filtered views based on time, date, make, model, and color.

Enable Vehicle Analytics

  1. Select a camera 
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Additional Settings
  4. Choose the menu option Analytics
  5. Toggle the Enable Vehicle History slider 

Using Vehicle Analytics

  1. Click on a camera
  2. Go to History
  3. Choose Vehicles from the History drop down
  4. (Optional) Choose a date and time range
  5. (Optional) Once results appear, click the filter icon to further filter results by make, color, and body type

In this example we the search for a Blue Subaru SUV between 11/1 and 11/14

Quick vehicle search in the search bar

  1. Click the search bar at the top of the page
  2. Vehicle types will appear in the menu
  3. Click any vehicle type and the results will show vehicles of that type found in frame across all cameras in the org
  4. (Optional) In Select Cameras or Sites search, enter camera names, serials or sites to further filter results. A combination of cameras and sites can be used in your filter. You can also add or remove vehicle attribute filters as needed

In this example we quick search for a car

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