People and Vehicle Motion Search

Search and visualize paths of people and vehicles with advanced motion search

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People and Vehicle search uses advanced computer vision functionality to identify people and vehicles within the camera's field of view and quickly find relevant events. Trajectory analysis features new possibilities for searching events, reduces the number of missed detections, improves the detection distance, and reduces duplicates. The Command user interface enables instant video replay previews and trajectory viewing.

View People and Vehicles over a Timeline

You can view people and vehicles detected by a Verkada camera within historical footage.


  1. Choose a camera feed

  2. Select the Motion tab

  3. Select the Show Paths button to toggle the feature on and off

  4. (Optional) Make a selection on the video player grid to search for motion in the area

  5. (Optional) Use the People, Vehicle, and Date filters for more granular searches

  6. Hovering over a thumbnail with the People or Vehicle filters selected will give a count of the people/vehicles in the frame with an option to archive the clip. And by hovering over the previews tracks will be shown for the individual.

  7. Click the thumbnail to be taken to the exact time in the recorded footage

Note: People and/or vehicles will only be available if these objects were detected in the camera frame.

People Trajectories (Paths)

If you have a latest generation Verkada camera you will also have access to our people trajectories feature. This feature visualizes the paths of people moving through the scene to show the trajectories of each detected person.

Trajectories drastically improve the motion event recall and enable the cameras to recognize people and vehicles at a further distance. For a detailed breakdown of the detection ranges of each model consult the people analytics guide.


  1. Choose a camera feed

  2. Select the Motion tab

  3. (Optional) Make a selection on the video player grid to search for motion in the area

  4. Select the People or Vehicle filter to see the trajectories

Mobile App

How to perform a simple motion search from the mobile app.

  1. Select the dropdown menu of the camera and select Motion Search

  2. Select Grid On and you will be able to select a region of interest on the grid.

  3. (Optional) Tap the When calendar icon under the motion search to select a time/date range to filter by

  4. The results will appear below


Site Viewers and Site Admins can view the motion tab under the camera page.

Compatible cameras

The following table details which camera models support Motion Events and which models support Motion Trajectories, as well as where the motion model is running. Newer camera models will have the capability to run the motion detection model on the camera, D-series cameras will still rely on the Verkada Cloud for running the model.


Motion events

Motion Trajectories

Motion Model

Second Generation Cameras:
CD32, CD42, CD52, CD62, CM42, CH52, CF81-E (Panoramic)



Runs in the camera

First Generation Cameras:
CM41, CM61, CD31, CD41, CD51, CD61


Not supported

Runs in the camera

D-series Cameras:
D30, D40, D50, D80


Not supported

Runs in the cloud

Note: CF81s configured in Panoramic mode, will function as a Second generation camera. However, for all other CF81 modes, motion search will operate according to the description provided in the table above for D-series Cameras.

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