The Devices page allows for quick navigation through the cameras, access controllers, sensors, and viewing stations. There you will be able to add devices in the org to see various information, change camera site location, and reach individual camera live streams. Devices are also sorted by the site that they are placed in for easy visibility.

Add a device

At any time you can add a device to your organization by clicking Add Devices button on the top right-hand corner.

Change devices view from sites to a list

At any time you can change the device page view from the "Sites" view to a "List" by clicking the list button on the top right corner.

In the "List" view use the triple dot icon into the top right to add/remove columns from the view.

Change a device's site location

Once a device is selected, you will be able to change its site location by clicking Site then selecting the pertaining site for the device to be, click Save to confirm.

Change a device's physical address

Once a device is selected, you will be able to change its physical address by clicking Location then enter the desired address and select it from the drop-down, click Save to confirm.

Bulk changes

Lastly, the devices page can be used to make Site and Location changes to multiple cameras. Simply click the green icon next to the cameras you wish to change and follow the prompts across the top of the page to change Site and/or Location, or Delete devices.

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