Licensing overview
Overview of how Verkada Licensing works
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In order to have access to Verkada Command, you require valid Verkada licenses for all your Verkada products. For an overview of the license requirements of each product family, please see below.

Product Family

License requirement


One Camera license per camera

Multisensor Cameras

One Multisensor Camera license per multisensor camera

Viewing station

One Viewing Station license per viewing station

Access Control

AC41 Door controller: One Door license per door

AC62 Door controller: One Door license per door

AX11 IO Controller: Once Access IO Controller license per device

Environmental sensors

One Sensor license per environmental sensor


Alarm platform: One Alarm license per location (physical address)

In addition, one license per device for the following:

  • BC51 Alarm console

  • BH61 Wireless Alarm Hub

  • BP41 Alarm Panel

  • BZ11 Horn Speaker

  • Cellular Backup module


One Guest license per iPad running Verkada Guest


One Mailroom license per site


Intercom: One Intercom license per intercom device

Desk Station: One Desk Station license per iPad running Verkada Desk Station app

Licenses must be claimed in Command to be valid. To claim your license, enter your license key (found in your Verkada order email) on the License Manager page. Whenever you add new devices to Command, you must also remember to claim your license for those devices.

Licenses and active products are shown on the License Manager page in Command

For each product type that requires a license, you’ll see a count of the active products and claimed licenses. If you have less claimed licenses than active products for any of your product types, your license state will be Invalid, and you’ll have to claim your licenses to continue using Command. For more info on how to manage your licenses, see our KB article.

Command licenses may be purchased in 1, 3, 5, or 10-year lengths. Verkada licenses are automatically activated on the day the order is shipped. To account for shipping and installation time, all Verkada licenses for new devices include a 30 day extension in addition to the purchased license term. During this period, the license is valid and can be claimed as usual. The length of the extension does not depend the date the license key is activated or any device is installed.

Licenses are usually sold together with your Verkada devices, but can also be purchased separately from your Verkada reseller or sales representative. For our latest licensing prices, see our pricing page.

Verkada licensing is applied for each Command organization, and the licenses co-term to a single expiration date. This means that all of the licenses in an organization are combined, and the expiration date for the organization is the weighted average of all the individual licenses. For more information on how expiration dates are calculated, see our explanation of co-terming.

You need valid licenses to use Command. If you don't claim your licenses when adding new devices or products - or renew your licenses when they expire - you will lose access to most of your Command functionality after a 30 day grace period.

We currently do not support multiple expiration dates for a single Command Organization.

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