License state and expiration date

At the top left of the License manager page, you can see the expiration date for your licenses and the current License state of your organization. All Verkada licenses co-term to a single expiration date, so you will only see a single expiration date even if you have bought and claimed multiple license keys.

Active devices and device caps

For each device/product category that requires a license, you’ll see a bar showing how many active devices/products you have in that category. If you have less active devices/products than licenses for a category, the bar will be green. If you have more active devices or products than licenses for a category, the bar will be red. If any of the bars are red, your license state will be Invalid, and you’ll have to claim your licenses to continue using Command.

For example, in the picture above, this organization has 39 active cameras, and 103 valid camera licenses. The number of active Viewing stations, Doors, Sensors, Alarm Locations and Alarm Consoles are also within the license cap. Access IO controllers, Alarm Panels, and Guest Tablets, however, are all above their respective license cap. Therefore the license state of the entire organization is Invalid (as seen on the top left of the screen), and this organization will need to purchase additional licenses to continue using Command.

Note: If you uninstall or replace a device, for example due to a warranty replacement, you must remember to delete the device from Command. If you do not delete the device, it will continue to count against your license cap. Please note that deleting a device also removes all data associated with the device (e.g., footage, camera settings), so do not delete the device before you’re absolutely certain that you will not re-add that specific device to Command.

Transaction log

The transaction shows a log of all license actions taken in your organization, such as claiming a new license key, or unclaiming a key if it was claimed by mistake. If you have any questions regarding the transactions in your log, please contact Support.

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