The Command App allows you to bring your Verkada Cameras right to your fingertips. Once logged in you will be greeted with many tools that will allow you to access Command from anywhere.

Command App Home Screen

The organization bar (located at the bottom) will allow you to easily navigate through the following from left to right:

  • Home screen
  • Notification events
  • Archives
  • Account settings

Just like in Command, once logged in you will be able to navigate through all of your organization's sites.


On each site you can quickly tell if a camera is offline. There will also be three dots on the right-hand side which represent more options.

This will bring up the following:

  • Site name
  • Amount of cameras
  • Ability to share a public link

Viewing a camera

Once clicking on the desired camera you will then have the following tools to choose from.

Calendar icon: This allows you to pick a specific date and time that will show all face results within that time frame.

Upload a face icon: This allows you to either take a picture of someone's face or upload a picture from your phone's camera roll.

  • Once a face is uploaded then all faces captured on camera that match that photo will appear.

People Sightings

People Analytics allows for a filtered search based on attributes and faces.

Options icon: Allows for the user to choose the date and time along with the specific appearance of the person trying to be found. This can be filtered based on the apparent sex, clothing color, and whether or not a backpack is present.

Motion search allows you to quickly find key events.

Calendar icon: This allows for you to pick a specific date and time that will show all motion results within that time frame.

Grid search: Once clicked, the live stream will have a grid overlay. From there you can easily drag your finger over the boxes you would like to search, and the results will show any motion detected within those boxes.

Camera Details

All of the following can be found under Camera Info and Settings.

  • Add to Favorites
  • Share Link - Allows the user to share this camera‚Äôs live feed to someone else or grant them access to all video and features.
  • Resolution - Allows the user to pick the quality they would like to view the camera in.
  • Camera Settings - Camera Name, Site Name, Location, Orientation
  • Serial Number
  • Model
  • Firmware Version
  • Local IP Address
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