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Learn the basics of the Verkada Command mobile app

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The Verkada Command mobile app allows you to access your Verkada devices right to your fingertips.

Command app home screen

Once you log in to the Command mobile app, you see the homepage for cameras (organized by sites), similar to the Command web platform. At the top, you can choose to filter, search, and adjust the tile layout.

Access the product menu

On the top left, tap to open an expanded menu, where you can see products on the left and subpages on the right.

Tip: To take fewer steps to switch products, swipe right—you can then select the product by tapping its icon.

  1. At the top left, tap the back arrow to go to the expanded product switcher.

  2. Select another product to redirect you to its homepage.

  3. At the bottom section of the menu, you see Help, Lockdown, Devices, and Add Device. Tap your organization name to introduce more information about your account and switch organization/account.

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