This article goes over the Cameras page. This page holds a lot of great information about the cameras in your organization. 

Camera Status Banner

Total: Total number of cameras associated to the organization

Live: Number of cameras that are currently online and recording live footage

Offline: Number of cameras that are offline or can not connect to Verkada servers

Updating: Number of cameras that are currently undergoing updates

Camera Overview

Sorting The Columns

Clicking the name of the columns will sort a single column in alphabetical or time order.

Search and Filter Per Column

Search Name

Filter Sites

Filter Locations

Filter Camera Models

Search Serial Number

Search For a Date When Cameras Were Added

Search For Multiple Dates When Cameras Were Added

Add or Remove Columns

The following information are available in these columns: Name, Site, Location, Model, Serial Number, Date of the Camera Added, Storage Capacity (Retention), Firmware, Local IP, and MAC Address. All of the information can be sorted, filtered, and searched.

Per Camera Options

The per camera options available to you on this page are Additional Settings, Share Public Link, and Delete Camera. You will see these options when you hover over a camera and click on the 3 dots.

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