The Cameras page allows for quick navigation through the cameras in the org to see various information, change camera configuration in bulk, and access specific camera configurations.

At any time you can select one of the cameras and be brought to it's individual camera page.

The camera status banner at the top of the page shows the TOTAL, LIVE, OFFLINE (currently unreachable from command), and UPDATING cameras. These sections can be selected to display only the cameras meeting this criteria.

An image of the camera feed will be shown along with the following criteria:

  • Name
  • Site
  • Location
  • Model
  • Serial Number
  • Added (date camera was added)

Additional fields can be added, or removed, by selecting the lines icon.

This allows for these additional fields:

  • Retention (Storage Capacity)
  • Firmware
  • Local IP address
  • MAC address

Each of the info fields can be filtered through by selecting the filter icon and typing or selecting the desired value in the dialog box. This provides filtering on information not accessible from the search bar, such and filtering for all cameras of specific model.

All of this camera information for the org can be exported as a CSV file by selecting Download as CSV (Note: CSV file is not be filtered by selections, it shows all cameras)


Bulk camera configuration

By selecting the white box to the left of the camera's thumbnail, you are able to select one or more cameras. You can modify the following for all of the selected cameras at once:

  • Change Camera's Site will move the cameras into the site of your choosing
  • Change Camera's Location allows you to group update camera addresses
  • Delete Cameras will delete the selected cameras

Access single camera configurations

If you hover your mouse over a camera, ellipses will appear on the far right. When selected they will show the following options:

  • Settings takes you directly to the camera's setting page
  • Share Link opens a dialog box able to send a link of the camera via SMS, Email, URL, or Embed.
  • View Floorplan takes you to the floor plan this camera is on.
  • Delete Camera allows removing the camera from the organization.
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