This article goes over the Cameras page. This page holds a lot of great information about the cameras in your organization. 

Camera Status Banner

Total: Total number of cameras associated to the organization

Live: Number of cameras that are currently online and recording live footage

Offline: Number of cameras that are offline or can not connect to Verkada servers.

Updating: Number of cameras that are currently undergoing updates.

Camera Overview & Details Section

Camera Preview

Clicking the far left will allow you to see a quick live preview of the selected camera.

Change Camera Name

Clicking the pencil next to the cameras name allows you to edit the camera name.

Edit Sites

Clicking the pencil icon in the 'site' section allows you to select what site or group is associated to that camera.

Change Location

Clicking the pencil icon next to the location allows you to change the location of the camera on the map. Just drag the map and place the blue pin to where the camera is located.

Serial Number & Additional Info

Under the serial number section, you can get a lot of great info about the camera. The 'See details' button allows you to see Model, Storage, Firmware Status, Local IP & earliest available footage. Also, there is a shortcut to the 'advanced settings' page if you are an admin of the site.

Date & Delete Camera

Here you can see the date and time of when the camera was added to the organization. Also to the right there is a trash icon where you can delete the camera from your organization.

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