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Learn how to add a desk station to receive Verkada Intercom calls

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The Verkada Desk Station is one of the various types of receivers for the Verkada Intercom. It allows users, such as those at a front desk, to stream video from a door, communicate, and unlock remotely.

Supported features

  • A total of 4 tiles per page are available for configuration.

  • Doors, cameras, and intercoms can be added to the desk station.

  • Allows users to remotely unlock paired doors.

  • Remotely communicates with a caller.

Note: A desk station license is needed for every iPad running the Verkada Desk Station app.

Add a desk station to Command

Download the Verkada Desk Station app and add it to your Verkada Command dashboard:

  1. Unlock your iPad and go to the Home screen.

  2. Locate and open the App Store application.

  3. In the App Store, search for Desk Station.

  4. Find the app in the search results and tap Install.

  5. Wait for the Desk Station app to download and install.

Add your desk station to the Command dashboard

Adding your Desk Station to the Command dashboard works slightly differently than other Verkada products.

  1. On your iPad, launch the Verkada Desk Station app.

  2. Locate the desk station's serial number, which should now be visible within the app.

  3. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Devices.

  4. Click Add Device.

  5. Add the desk station using the serial number.

Configure a desk station

The Verkada Desk Station uses tiles to configure what is displayed. Tiles are configurable and can display intercoms, doors, or cameras.

This example shows when the Desk Station is selected, where this station has been previously configured:

Add a tile to the desk station

  1. Go to Home > Intercom.

  2. Select the desk station that needs to be configured. The current state of the desk station displays in the center of the page.

  3. Select an option from the desk station.

  4. When the tile manager opens, search and select any Intercom, door, or camera. You can also open the tile manager at the top left.

The configured tile should now appear on the desk station with these possible scenarios:

  • If an intercom was selected, then the live feed from the intercom and an unlock button for the paired door displays.

  • If a camera was selected, then only the live feed displays on the screen.

  • If a door was selected, then an unlock button (and if a camera is paired) and camera feed displays.

Remove a tile from the desk station

  1. In Command, go to the desk station.

  2. At the top right, click Manage Tiles.

  3. Deselect any of the currently added tiles.

Note: Once a tile has been deselected, it no longer displays on the desk station.

Reset tiles all at once

  1. In Command, go to the desk station.

  2. Click Settings > Settings > Reset Tiles.

Delete a desk station

  1. In Command, go to the desk station.

  2. Click Settings > Delete.

  3. When prompted, confirm the delete request.

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