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Privacy and Security Checklist

Learn actions that your organization can take to ensure the highest level of security

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To help make transparency, privacy, and compliance simpler for our customers, you can use a privacy and security checklist, along with the Privacy and Security disclosure. Using this feature, you can communicate which products and features are being used in their organization.

Access the Privacy and Security checklist

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Admin.

  2. At top menu bar, select Privacy & Security.

  3. Select Privacy & Security Checklist.

On the Privacy & Security Checklist page, you can access the list of actions (see table below) to take to ensure Verkada Command is configured at the highest level of security. Some of the items are automatically selected as complete once the task is complete.


Action in Command

Requires users in your organization to set up and use 2FA when logging in via a password.

Toggle on this enforcement in Admin > Privacy & Security > Authentication & User Management.

Review Session Duration

Set the amount of time a user’s session lasts before having to log in again.

Review the configured session duration in Admin > Privacy & Security > Session Timeout.

  1. Configure SSO as an authentication method for your users.

  2. Complete the Run Login Test step to enable it (for enhanced security, make SSO required).

Configure SCIM to provision and manage your users and groups through Okta or Azure identity management.

Add a primary contact who serves as the designated point of contact for general communications.

Add a billing contact who serves as the designated point of contact for billing-related communications.

Add a security contact who serves as the designated point of contact for security-related communications.

Review Users

Ensure your users list and user roles are up to date and remove any users if necessary.

Ensure each user is added to the group(s) that grants the correct permissions.

  1. Set the default geographic region where camera video and image data will be stored.

  2. Review the configured location in Admin > Privacy & Security > Data Residency.

Confirm Appropriate Notice

Confirm that:

  • All physical sites have appropriate signage with regard to camera recordings.

  • The company receives appropriate consent from employees and guests.

Review People Analytics Notice

Review and accept the Analytics Terms and Conditions, found in the Admin > Cameras > Analytics.

Review the logged actions of Command users in your organization to check for irregular activity.

Dismiss an action from the checklist

If a specific action does not pertain to your organization, you can dismiss it from the list.

Next to the action item, click the checkmark and select Complete or Dismiss. If it has a dropdown arrow next to the item name, it does not count toward your completion percentage.

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