Viewing or changing your account settings

  • If you haven't already, create your Command account
  • Select your name in the top left of the portal and select Profile
  • Here you can edit your account settings and activate two factory authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

When two factor authentication is enabled you will have to enter a 6-digit code that is generated each time you log in. This is highly recommended for increased account security.


  • Select Enable (next to Two-Factor Authenticaton on the profile page
  • Re-enter your password to proceed
  • Select whether you want to set up two-factor authentication through SMS or an authenticator app.


With two-factor authentication via SMS, you will receive the 6-digit code in a text message.

  • Enter your phone number (this is separate from the number used for notifications)
  • Enter the 6-digit code you received and select Verify

Authenticator App

With two-factor authentication by authentication app, you will receive the 6 digit code through that authentication app. This code expires every 30 seconds so you will need to check this app for the new 6 digit authentication code every time you log in.

  • After selecting "Authenticator App" you'll be given a one time QR code for setup
  • Scan the QR code with your Authenticator App
  • Your app will generate a 6-digit code
  • Enter the 6-digit code provided by the app and select Verify.

For help for help adding a QR code please consult with the app's vendor or documentation.

Disabling Two-Factor Authentication

If getting a new phone, changing your phone number, or deleting your authenticator app you'll need to disable Two-Factor Authentication to avoid getting locked out of your account.

To disable two-factor authentication, select Change on the Profile page next to Two-Factor Authentication. After you confirm your password you can disable your two factor authentication by selecting Disable.

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