Viewing or changing your account settings

  • If you haven't already, create your Command account

  • Click your name in the top left of the portal and select Account Settings

  • Here, you can edit your account settings and activate two-factor authentication

Org-wide Two-Factor Authentication

Organization Admins have the ability to enforce 2FA for all users in the org. If an Organization Admin requires 2FA for the org users will set up their 2FA in the process of accepting the invite. If it is enabled after the organization has been setup all users will be prompted to set it up during the log in flow.


  1. Select the Admin tab

  2. Select Privacy & Security

  3. Toggle on Enforce 2FA

Two-Factor Authentication

When two-factor authentication is enabled, you will have to enter a 6-digit code that is generated each time you log in. This is highly recommended for increased account security.


  • Select Enable (next to Two-Factor Authentication on the Account Settings page)

  • Re-enter your password to proceed

  • Select whether you want to set up two-factor authentication through SMS or an authenticator app.


With two-factor authentication via SMS, you will receive the 6-digit code in a text message.

  • Enter your phone number (this can be the same as, or different from, the number used for notifications)

  • Enter the 6-digit code you received and select Verify

Authenticator App

With two-factor authentication by an authenticator app, you will see the 6 digit code automatically generated. This code expires every 30 seconds, so you will need to check this app for the new 6 digit authentication code every time you log in.

  • After selecting "Authenticator App", you'll be given a one time QR code for setup

  • Scan the QR code with your Authenticator App

  • Your app will generate a 6-digit code

  • Enter the 6-digit code provided by the app and select Verify.

For help adding a QR code, please consult with the app's vendor or documentation.

Disabling Two-Factor Authentication

If you get a new phone, change your phone number, or delete your authenticator app, you'll need to disable Two-Factor Authentication to avoid getting locked out of your account.

To disable two-factor authentication, select Change on the Account Settings page next to Two-Factor Authentication. After you confirm your password, you can disable two-factor authentication by selecting Disable.

If you no longer have access to the two-factor authentication app and are not signed in, reach out to your Organization Admin and they can assist with resetting 2FA for your account.

Note: If an Organization Admin has turned on 2FA org-wide users will not be able to disable 2FA on their accounts.

Disabling Two-Factor Authentication

If a user has lost or misplaced their authentication device and is locked out of their account they will need to contact their Organization Admin to have 2FA disabled on their account. Organization Admins can reset a users 2FA by following the steps below.

  • Select the Admin tab

  • Select Users and click the email of the locked out user

  • Select Control Login in the top right hand corner

  • Select Reset 2FA and click Confirm

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