Verkada Reader LED Behavior
The behavior of the LED light on the AD31 reader informs you of its status
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Verkada card readers indicate their current status by changing the color and pattern of their LED lights. This article enumerates all possible LED statuses and describes what each means.


This chart explains the LED states of the AD32.


The AD31 is being phased out in favor of the AD32. You can find more information here. If you are using an AD31 please see below for the LED states.


The AD31 is not receiving power from the Access Controller's + and - terminals. Ensure that the access controller is powered up and that the reader is wired properly.

Flashing White

The AD31 has connected to the access controller but the door has not yet been configured in Command. Please configure the door.

Spinning White

The AD31 is updating, restarting, or cannot connect to the access controller. Try directly connecting the reader to the access controller. If the issue persists, try moving the reader to another door cassette.

Solid White

The AD31 is active and ready for secure badge entrance. If the reader stays in this state even when a badge is presented, the badge may not be compatible.


The AD31 has successfully processed a user scan and access is granted.


The AD31 has identified a negative read and access is denied. Ensure the credential has been added to an access user's profile and that there is an access level granting the user permission to unlock the door. If the AD31 is steady red, this indicates that a lockdown scenario has been enacted involving that door.

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