A door consists of all the configurations and components connected to an access controller on a particular cassette.


You must be logged in with a user account with Access Admin and Access Site Admin privileges to add a door. To elevate a user to an Access Admin refer to this article.


On the AC41, there are four cassettes, labeled 1 - 4, that correlate to each door.

To configure a door, find the number of the door wired up to the associated cassette.

  • Select the Devices tab

  • Find the AC unit that you are adding doors to and select it

  • On the right-hand side click the AC unit again

  • Select the + Add Door button that corresponds to the desired door number and follow the configuration steps to add a name and the components that are installed

Below is a short video showing how to add a new door.

Note: Only check the boxes called REX (Request to Exit) or DPI (Door Position Indicator) if they are installed and you want the REX sensor/button to unlock the door (this is typically the case with magnetic locks).

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