Once a door is configured, it is best to add an Access Level to delegate permissions and schedule access. Access Levels are groups of doors with scheduled access that can be assigned to access groups.

Note: Users will not be able to badge into a door unless it has an an Access Level associated to grant access


  • You must be logged in with a user account with Access Admin privileges to configure Access Levels.


Select Access Levels button in the menu on the left

Click the Add Access Level button in the upper right corner

Name the Access Level and click Create

Adjust the Access Level Schedule to your liking. This schedule represents when users with this access level will be able to access the doors associated with this access level.

Select the Doors tab

Toggle [On] the doors you want this access level to be able to access during the Access Granted times in the schedule you set up in the last step.

Finally, you'll want to associate Access Groups with this Access Level. To do this, switch to the Access Groups tab and select Add Access Groups.

Select the groups you'd like to add to this Access Level and select Add to finalize your selection.

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