Once a door is configured an Access Level needs to be added to schedule access. Access Levels are assigned to Access Groups in order to give access to specific users.

Note: Users will not be able to badge into a door unless it has an Access Level associated to grant access.


You must be logged in with a user account with Access Admin and Site Access Admin permissions for the site in order to modify or create an Access Level.


  1. From the Home page select the Access tab

  2. Selectnext to the site name you would like to configure an Access Level for and select Access Levels

  3. From here any existing Access Levels can be modified. To create a new Access Level, select the + Add.. in the upper right corner.

  4. Name the Access Level, and add any desired Access groups to the Access Level.

  5. Select Next, then check the box next to any doors you want to add to this access level. Select Done when ready.

  6. Select the newly created Access Level in order to set the Schedule to your liking. This schedule represents when users with this access level will be able to access the doors associated with this access level.

  7. You can add/remove doors to the Access Level by selecting the Doors tab.

  8. Toggle on the doors you want this access level to be able to access during the Access Granted times in the schedule you set up in the last step.

  9. You can also add/remove Access Groups with this Access Level. To do this, switch to the Access Groups tab then select Add Access Groups

  10. Select the groups you'd like to add to this Access Level and select Add to finalize your selection.

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