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Access Control Subsites

Learn how to manage your access control subsites

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Verkada recognizes the importance of efficient site management for its customers. With the introduction of nested sites (subsites) in the Access Control product line, you can now use this organizational flexibility across Access and Verkada's other product lines. This enhancement allows you to use the same nested site structure for all of your Verkada products, providing a more streamlined and scalable solution.

How access control subsites work

  1. Nested sites are now visible in the Access Control areas of Verkada Command.

  2. If a Command user is an Access Site Admin for a site (top-level or nested), they will also be an Access Site Admin for all subsites nested below that site. Learn more about Roles and Permissions for Access Control.

  3. Access control devices are placed in a specific site (top-level or subsite) and are scoped only to that site.

  4. All doors on an access controller is in the same site as the access controller.

  5. Access levels and lockdowns are scoped to a single site and do not extend to child subsites or parent sites.

Clone access levels and lockdowns

To further enhance the ease of configuration, Verkada has introduced a cloning feature for access levels and lockdowns. This cloning functionality allows you to easily duplicate existing access levels and lockdowns, and place them in other sites, including subsites.

During the cloning process, the following aspects are cloned:

  • Access levels and lockdown configurations

  • Access level and lockdown settings, rules, and parameters

Note: Doors controlled by an access level and locked by a lockdown are not cloned. This ensures that the proper door associations are maintained and avoids any unintended consequences during the cloning process.

Migration considerations

If you have previously adopted a flat site structure (before subsites), you may want to transition to the new nested site structure.


  • When moving an ACU from one site to another, all doors on the ACU lose their access-level associations.

  • Doors are removed from any lockdowns in the original site.

Troubleshooting tips

  • Access levels should be copied over immediately after all door controllers so that doors can be added. This reduces the downtime for these doors are gives immediate access to the correct set of users.

  • Clone lockdowns into all sites where doors are expected to lock down. Learn more about Emergency Lockdowns.

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