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Move Access Controllers to Other Sites
Move Access Controllers to Other Sites

Learn how to move an access controller from one access site to another

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Access sites are how access controllers and doors are grouped together for easy management and monitoring. Each access controller needs to belong to a site or subsite. An access controller and its doors are tied together; that is, they move as one over to the new site.

Note: Access levels, schedules, and exceptions are defined at a site level. Any doors moved to a different site will not carry their access levels, schedules, and exceptions with it. Be sure to create these in the new site and apply them to the doors to ensure they have their expected access.

Required. You must be an Access Admin and a Site Access Admin for the initial site and the destination site the access controller is moving between.

How it works

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Devices.

  2. At the top, search for "device type":"Access Controller" to see a list of all your access controllers.

  3. Select the controller you want to move (1) and then click the device (2) for details.

  4. At the top right, click Settings.

  5. Under the controller's settings, next to Sites, select the name of the current site.

  6. On Change Site, you can change the controller's site to one of the other sites that are in your organization, and click Save.

  7. The moved doors will not have any levels configured, as these are site-specific. You need to apply them to the new site to ensure correct access. For details on how to do this, see Add Access Levels and Schedules/Exceptions.

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