Currently supported card formats on the Verkada AC41 and AD31:

We also support iClass* or Indala* cards as long as the embedded card format is listed above and the reader you are using supports iClass or Indala cards.

1) The Verkada AD31 DOES NOT support iClass or Indala cards, you must use a 3rd party reader that advertises this compatibility.

Indala Cards will work on the Indala readers and iClass cards will work on iClass readers as long as they are supported card formats.

2) For the MiFare card(Mifare classic - 4 bytes/32 bit) Verkada AD31 reader reads the CSN(Card Serial Number) and the Weigand reader reads the card number. In the event of a switch between Weigand readers to Verkada AD31's the cards need to be scanned again.

If your organization is currently using a format that is not on the list above, please contact your Verkada Account Executive for the best next steps.

Verkada Access Control units are compatible with readers that output Wiegand as well as Verkada's own AD31 Door Reader (OSDP).

For more information regarding badge reader support, please see the following link here.

Want to go cardless? Have your employees download the Verkada Pass app (available on iOS and Android) to open doors via their phone - no badge required.

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