Keypad Pincode Formats

Learn how to install Wiegand readers with keypads to Verkada Access Controllers

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All Verkada access controllers are rated to power readers at 12V up to 250mA via the + (VIN) and – (GND) connection. Verkada readers use the 4-port input (labeled as RS-485) while standard Wiegand readers use the 4-port inputs (labeled wiegand) and the shared power from the RS-485 connection. Read the steps to connect the reader to an access controller.

Note: Verkada Access Controllers accept 4-bit bursts for keypad transmission.

Recommendation. Please set your reader transmission format according to the settings according to the manufacturer's manual.

Supported Keypad Transmission Formats

Verkada supports the formats outlined below. When you set up your readers to 4 bits for keypad transmission, it will vary based on your model.

For the Keypad Transmission Format, use option 9 as its Wiegand 4-bit.

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