Access sites allows for management of access controllers at a site basis, to parallel how Verkada cameras are managed. This scales well for large deployments and gives granular control of managing access and monitoring events at site level. Customers using access control before access sites was released will have all of their controllers in the default access site. See below for how to rename the default access site, or move the controllers to a new access site.

Note: Access Levels, schedules, and exceptions are defined at a site level. Make sure to create these in the new site and apply them to the doors to ensure they have their expected access

Renaming the Default Access Site

Note: You must be an Organization Admin in order to complete these steps.

If you only have one location, or wish for everything to be in the same site, you can rename the default access site. There is no problem with utilizing the default access site permanently.

To do this, browse to the Home > Access page, and select the by Default Access Site, and select Settings

From here enter your desired site name, and it will automatically save

Creating a new access site and moving a controller there

Navigate to Home > Access, select the button in the upper right-hand corner, and then select Manage Sites.

Select + Add, then enter the Site Name and add any Access Admins or Access Managers you wish to be Site Access Admins. To move a controller between sites, the user must be a Site Access Admin for the initial and destination site, as well as be an Access Admin. Press Next to continue.

Next you can assign any access controllers you have permissions for to the new site. Doors will move along with the controllers as the doors must be in the same site as the access controller. Select any controllers you wish to move to the new access site.

We can see the doors associated with the access controller are now in the new site in the Home tab

And the access controller is listed as being in the new site in the Devices tab

The moved doors will not have any levels configured, as these are site-specific. You'll need to create the desired ones in the new site and apply them to the doors. See Adding Access Levels and schedules/exceptions for information on this.

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