Here's a list of articles to help you get up and running with Verkada Access Control.

Hardware Setup

  1. Mounting an access controller discusses required hardware and instructions for mounting the controller.

  2. Wiring a door to the access controller explains wiring the reader, lock, door contact, and REX to the access controller's cassette.

  3. Required network and settings describes what the controller needs in order to get an IP address through DHCP and communicate with Command.

Command Setup

  1. A Command account is required to activate and configure access controllers. Please create a Verkada Command account if you haven't already in order to add your devices.

  2. Adding an access controller to Command details how to add the controller by serial number.

  3. Adding a door in Command describes the process of adding a door.

  4. Configuring a door goes into more depth about the basic and advanced door configuration options.

  5. How to add access users individually and in bulk; including their badges, entry codes, and mobile access.

  6. Users are assigned to access groups to organize permissions.

  7. Access levels are assigned to access groups, which dictates door accessibility.

If you have any questions or problems, please reach out to Verkada Support through chat or email [email protected].

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