Doors are the configuration and components connected to an Access Controller cassette, including a lock, reader, DPI, and REX.

Viewing Doors in your Organization

To view all the doors in your organization select the Access tab at the top of Command.

This will bring you to a screen that shows all doors you have administrative access to separated by sites. You will need to be a Site Access Admin in order to see doors from each site. From here you can preview your doors. Selecting any of the Doors from this screen will bring that door into the preview pane on the right and display the access levels this door is a part of.

Door Page

By selecting the door's name or image in the right pane, it will bring you to that door's page. From here, you are able to view historical events on this door, preview the video feed of an associated camera, quickly lock and unlock the door, view schedules and exceptions, or change settings. Info about the settings on this page can be found in this article.

Filtering Access Events on a Door's Page

Select the Last Week dropdown from the History tab to filter for events in specific time periods.

Select the Custom... button, specific days can be selected from the calendar along with start and end times via the slider. (Example shows filter starting at 5:00 am Feb 8th and ending 5:30 pm Feb 9th)

Select Users: All to filter events by users. Users can be located by scrolling through the list, or by entering their email

Select the Events: Unlock Attempts dropdown to filter events by type, such as access rejections

Selecting the bar graph will display a graph of events against time

Click and drag to select an area on the bar graph, the events within will be displayed.

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