In Command, navigate to the camera you’d like to search for motion on. Click and drag your cursor across the region of the camera frame you’d like to search. Command will return all clips where activity was detected in that region. For example, selecting the region in the following image will instantly return all the recorded footage of people and vehicles entering the selected area.

Using the date range dropdown menu, select your desired date/time. Command will return the footage that corresponds to this period. 

Using Heatmaps, you can additionally visualize how people and vehicles are moving around any specific area within the field of view of the camera then scrub the timeline of the footage by hovering the mouse across the thumbnail to search deeper into the motion the camera recognized.

Mobile App

How to perform a simple motion search from the mobile app.

  1. Tap the video and select Motion Grid from the dropdown

  2. Select a region of interest on the grid. In the example below, we select the front entrance.

  3. (optional) Tap the When calendar icon under the motion search to select a time/date range to filter by.

  4. The results will appear below

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