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What is First Person In?

First Person In is a feature that allows a designated group of supervisors to change the door schedule when a keycard is presented. If no one badges in, the door stays locked, and no one can use the door.

The First Person In feature can cause the door schedule to move into any state already available from door schedules, such as access controlled, unlocked, locked, or card + code entry.

A grace period can also be set to allow a supervisor to change the door schedule early. For example, if the grace period is set to 30 minutes, the supervisor can arrive and badge the door up to 30 minutes earlier than when the schedule starts.

Steps to enable First Person In and grace period

  1. Ensure your organisation has a Verkada access controlled door, and an access group has been created.

  2. Go to the access home page and select your desired Verkada access controlled door.

  3. With the door page open, select "Schedules."

  4. Hover over and select anywhere on the schedule to display the current door schedule settings or select "Change" next to the name of the current schedule.

  5. On the door schedule settings page, select any of the weekdays or hover over the weekday that needs to be changed and you will see the option to press and hold over the day to start changing that day's schedule.

  6. When one of the weekdays is being modified, an "Edit Schedule" window will appear. Set the hour and minute a schedule should start, choose one or multiple days of the week the schedule should be applied to.

  7. Enable "First Person In" using the toggle near the bottom of the window.

  8. A text box will appear to choose which access group will be designated as the supervisor.

  9. Another text box will be displayed to allow you to set the grace period for the "First Person In" schedule.

  10. Once complete, select "Done" and then select "Save" in the upper right corner of the schedule settings page.

NOTE: When a schedule is created that uses First Person In, the supervisor must badge in on every single door the schedule is applied to before a schedule change takes place

Video Tutorial

For more information on how Schedules and Groups work:

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