Access Administrators are allowed to create, modify, and remove access groups. Access Managers are allowed to add or remove users in access groups.

Adding Access Groups

Access Administrators are able to create access groups to assign access levels to multiple users at the same time.

  • Navigate to the Access tab then select Access Groups

  1. Select Manage then Create Group

  2. Once selected you will now see the option to add a group name and you will be provided with a list of users that you can add to your group

  3. Enter a name and choose the users that you want in your group

  4. Select "Done" and you will now be taken to your new Access group

Modifying Access Groups

Access groups can be modified in two ways, through adding or removing users, and through adding or removing access levels.

Adding or Removing Users

Add users:

With your access group open you will see the option to add users in the upper right hand side, select "+ Add...".

Once selected, you should see a window appear with a list of users that you can add to your group, you are able to select one or multiple at a time.

Select "Add" in the bottom right corner and your newly added user is now a member of your group.

Remove users:

Hover over the user that you want to remove and select the check box found on the left hand side of the users name, you should now see "X Remove" above the group member list.

select "X Remove" and your selected users will be removed from your group

Adding or Removing Access Levels

Add Access Levels:

While on your groups page you should see a tab labeled "Access Levels" on the upper right hand side of the page.

With the "Access Levels" tab open select "+Add Access Levels" on the left hand side of the page, you will now be able to choose one or many access levels to apply to your group.

Once the access level(s) are selected, select "Add" on the bottom right hand side and you will now see a list of doors that your group has permission to access.

Remove Access Levels:

Mouse over any access level that you want to remove, with the access level highlighted you should see an "X" on the right hand side of the access level name.

Select "X" and you should no longer see the access level assigned to your group.

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