Access Groups are groups of users that are given access to doors via Access Levels

NOTE: Users will not be able to badge into a door unless they are added to an Access Group which has an associated Access Level granting access to that door


You must be logged in with a user account with Access Admin privileges to add or modify Access Groups.


Click the Access Groups button in the menu on the left.

Click the Create Group button in the upper right corner

Name the Access Group and click Save

From here you can add Users via the Members tab, or assign Access Levels to this group via the Access Levels tab.

To add a User to this group:

  1. Click Add Members
  2. Check the box for the user you want to add, and click the Add button

To assign an Access Level to this Group:

  1. Click the Access Levels tab
  2. Click the Add Access Levels button
  3. Check the box for the Access Level you want to assign to this group and click the Add button

Renaming an Access Group

To rename your access group, select the edit pencil icon next to the Access Group's name.

Then select SAVE to save your new name.

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