Access Admins and Access Managers can override access to a door, or unlock a door, for a set amount of time directly from the door page in Verkada Command. This is useful for any situation where the door state in the door schedule is no longer appropriate. Some examples include:

  • Unlocking the door for an extended delivery

  • Locking the door if the security team has departed for a specific period of time

  • Locking the door remotely if a snow day occurs and students are unable to get to campus for an undefined period of time.

  • Unlocking classroom doors for school hours.

When viewing a door from the door page, you will see a small icon next to the lock state of the door in the lower right-hand corner of live view:

When selected, you will see the current state of the door and the option to override it.

You can override Access to the door for a set amount of time:

You can override the lock schedule of the door for a set amount of time:

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