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Getting Started with Verkada Command
Getting Started with Verkada Command
Create an account to manage your devices with Verkada Command
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Verkada’s web software is called Command. This is the platform used to interact with and monitor all of your Verkada devices. You can log into your Command account from your web browser or through the Verkada Command mobile app.

To activate and configure any Verkada device, you first need to have a Command account. Creating your account is a quick process of entering your name, email, and setting up a password for the account.

Once you have a Verkada account, you are ready to add devices to your organization and utilize the system. An organization is the structure of users and devices within Command and one is created automatically when a new account is made.

  • Add other people to your organization, and they will receive an invite to join your organization and set up their own accounts.

  • User roles define permission levels for each user account and are used to control the amount of access each organization member has to change and view devices.

  • Good resources for next steps are the getting started guides for cameras and access control.

For more info on Verkada Command, check out the product page.

Visit Training Center for bite-sized video tutorials on how to accomplish role-based tasks in Command.

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