Configure Guest Types

Configure Guests types for user check-in

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Guest types allow you to customize the information guests need to provide at check-in. This can include security screenings, required documents, etc. It is helpful to name a Guest type something easy for guests to identify, such as interview or delivery.

Configure Guest types

  1. In Verkada Command, go to All Products > Guest .

  2. On the left navigation, click Guest Settings .

  3. Under Organization > Guest Types click Manage Guest Types.

  4. In the top right, click Add Guest Type.

    1. Select Add Global Guest Type to create a Guest type for all sites.

    2. Select Add Site Guest Type and select a site to create a guest type for an individual site.

  5. Select the Guest type you want to configure.

    1. Enter a unique name.

    2. Click Save and Continue.

    3. Customize the Guest type settings as needed.

Note: When you select security screening and sub-features, the guest is prompted to submit a photo of their ID. This photo will be scanned against an aggregated list of background and sex offender registries. To learn more about this feature, see Verkada Guest Security Screen.

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