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Save Reports and Schedule Automatic Delivery
Save Reports and Schedule Automatic Delivery

Learn how to create and schedule report filters for automatic delivery

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Many of Verkada's Access Control users often log in to Verkada Command and run the same report on a monthly, weekly, or (sometimes) daily basis. Some of these reports have very specific filters that are acceptable to set on on- off queries, but can be frustrating to log in and set on a reoccurring basis.

Create and schedule report filters

To solve this problem, Verkada has a Scheduled Report feature. Access Admins can create report filters in the Access Control homepage > Report tab, and then save these filters as a saved report.


  • An admin can return and easily re-run the report without having to reset the filters.

  • These saved reports can be turned into comma-separated value (CSV) files and be automatically emailed to a specified list of recipients.

  • These emails can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly.

How it works

  1. Navigate to the Access Control homepage and on the left side, select the Reports icon.

  2. Select your preferred filters and click Save Report.

  3. On the Save Report dialog, type a Report Name (required) and a description (optional), and click Save. Both can be edited after the creation of the saved report.

    Once the report is saved, the reports page loads. The left pane contains some metadata attached to the saved report. The right pane is the report itself.

  4. At the top right, click Schedule to schedule these reports.

  5. Choose the schedule frequency for your saved reports: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

    Example: The Daily frequency requires a specific time and timezone.

    Example: The Weekly option allows for selecting the days of the week you want to send the report. This example has Sunday (S), Tuesday (T), and Friday (F) selected.

    Example: The Monthly option allows you to choose specific date of the month or the week number/weekday.

  6. Choose the recipients of your scheduled report. You can specify both individual users or access groups.

    Example: User and group specified

    You should see your new saved report in the Saved Reports tab.

Duplicate an existing report

To make slight changes to an existing report, but keep existing filters (not the schedule), you can easily duplicate the filters.

To do so, at the top right, click the ellipsis (...) icon and select Duplicate.

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